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-Stephen Thompson
  • Meet Stephen Thompson – Managing Director and Lead Tutor; Head of Centre

Stephen has spent most of his professional life in management and leadership development. He completed a highly successful 20-year career in the British Army, moving into business consultancy as a civilian when he left.

He’s fulfilled senior leadership roles and board-level positions with a broad range of companies in several commercial sectors, including Director of Finance, Head of HR and General Manager for companies whose turnover ranged between £3 million and £120 million employing up to 250 staff. Today he’s also an “in-demand” CV Writer, Career Coach and Copywriter.

Here's his ‘take’ on what he does:

“A lifelong learner, business coach and management consultant, I love to train and teach others, particularly in business skills.

I also get a real ‘buzz’ out of writing and have published 2 Amazon Kindle books on CV Writing and beating the competition at the dreaded Job Interview. I have a 3rd in progress on Cover Letter Writing - watch this space.

I'm incredibly lucky! I don't know exactly who said, "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life", but he or she was absolutely right. It's been attributed to Marcus Aurelius (I love the Stoics), but also to Mark Twain...

That quote from Marcus (Emperor of Rome 161–180AD) might be relevant to you now. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to get into something for which you have a real passion! I’ve changed careers and direction several times, so can fully appreciate where you’re coming from if so.”

I’m much less interesting (but much more handsome) than Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus. So, here’s a (very) brief synopsis of my career to give you a swiftly-digested profile:

Business Coach and Tutor, Qualified IQA and Workplace Assessor

Since 2015 I've been running Business Qualifications. We deliver online courses and training in many business and commercial subjects, which you can find by clicking on the ‘Our Courses’ link in the navigation bar above. I'm also the Lead Tutor on many of them, covering both our nationally-recognised RQF qualification courses and the endorsed CPD qualification courses.

Business Qualifications' learner numbers continue to grow, despite the pandemic. You can join our vibrant student community today by selecting a suitable course to enhance your knowledge, bolster your CPD, or even change careers.

As mentioned above I have a very strong affinity for business and commerce, having been Director of Finance and Head of HR for one of the largest fabric manufacturing groups in Europe, General Manager of the biggest pet products distributor in UK, and consulted on several business acquisition and restructuring operations over the last 25 or so years.

Trained Freelance Copywriter

I also create powerful, persuasive content and marketing copy for the B2B sector. I’ve trained and studied as a Copywriter since 2005, and recently completed a CPD course with AWAI (American Writers and Artists Institute), "B2B Copywriting Mastery", delivered and mentored by their 2016 Copywriter of the Year, Steve Slaunwhite.

Army Veteran and Professional CV Writer; Ex-Infantry Warrant Officer (WO1)

I write bespoke CVs (another very specialised form of copywriting) for soldiers, sailors and airmen/airwomen leaving HM Armed Forces, and provide them with expert career-change advice.

I'm particularly proud of the fact that my CVs have launched new civilian careers for well over 750 Ex-Military Clients.

Additionally, I still write professional CVs for civilian ‘high-flyers’ - senior managers, company directors and board members, and for the professions - including solicitors, accountants, engineers, teachers and more. They work. Every time. My CVs consistently get interviews.

There are lots of opinions on the way a CV should be written; almost as many as there are opinions about football teams. I don’t have any opinions on CV writing; my practice is only interested in what works in today’s marketplace, what gets my clients interviews. Too many people offer an opinion based on either no experience at all, what their mate in the pub says, or a single experience that could have been a complete fluke.

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