• Article – Flexible Online Study

Are you one of the “forgotten generation” that in the latter half of the 20th century were part of “working class” Britain who didn’t (or thought they didn’t) have the opportunity to go to university?

Did you leave school at 16, having achieved no or few “O-levels” and go straight into work?

For many people in this situation, it seems like education is dead to them. That they have no further opportunity to improve their education or their employment prospects. But this is simply not true! Indeed today, nothing could be further from the truth.

Flexible online study or learning opportunities abound. Most of the mainstream universities have courses that can be studied largely online, with a concentrated block of face-to-face teaching at a bricks and mortar campus at periodic intervals. Colleges and other education providers offer similar, with evening classes, weekend courses and other tools available as well.

Perhaps the most flexible online study enables students to conduct their education entirely remotely, through secure online “portals” that give access to tutors, course materials and even a thriving online community in some cases. This type of learning can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, using a smart phone, tablet, or other “laptop” computer or device.

This really constitutes “flexible online study”. It enables full two-way communication over a fixed period (usually up to 12 months) with a professional tutor to whom assignments completed by the student are submitted for marking and feedback sequentially until the course is completed.

Often, assignments can be resubmitted if the original submission misses the mark, and progress maintained until the course is passed and the full qualification is awarded.

Business Qualifications is one such provider, a leader in its field, that has taken the “flexible online study” concept to the highest degree. Business Qualifications provides a proprietary communication software interface called a “Virtual Learning Environment” that leaves many “off-the-shelf” platforms in the shade.

Business Qualifications offers dozens of commercial courses valuable to any and every business environment, including assessment qualifications, teaching qualifications, and courses in subjects as diverse as accounting, business management, and entrepreneurship.

To see what flexible online study options are provided by Business Qualifications, visit their website today (

They almost certainly have an excellent business course available with your name on it…