Why Study with Us?

“Choose us!”, is what just about every company screams at us when we’re looking for a product or service. “Choose us!”, they say. And then they market to us, trying to convince us they’re the best at what they do.

Most of the buying public’s eyes glaze over because every company tells us they’re the best, the fastest, care the most about their customers, deliver the sharpest service, blah, blah, blah…

We’re tired of hearing it, aren’t we?

So how do companies differentiate themselves from their competitors?

When we’re looking for a product or service, we usually colour our decision to buy through drawing conclusions from things we hear from others, what we read on the Internet, and our own personal experience.

But we still end up asking the same questions:

  • Why this company?
  • Why this product?
  • Why this service?

The real question is all about trust:

Do I trust this company/product/service?

Companies and their products/services earn trust gradually — and they do that by asking what we ask ourselves before we buy their products or services: why choose us?

So, my question right now is, “Why Choose Business Qualifications?”

Let me tell you about an experience I had recently when writing a CV for a fast jet pilot and instructor leaving the Royal Air Force. I’ll call him Mark. He’d enjoyed an excellent career and was right ‘at the top of his game’. With an engineering degree (BSc) and a Masters in Law, Mark was young enough to change careers and wanted to continue flying, but not in combat.

Mark came to me almost entirely because of my reputation in the marketplace, and that, unlike most CV writers I was both a military veteran (so knew instinctively what he was about, where he’d been and what he’d done) and had also been a civilian business leader for a good few years. I’d amassed significant experience in business and commerce at director and board level after leaving the Army almost 30 years ago.

Long-ish story short, I sorted his CV out for him, and he got the first job he applied for. Happy days! Or that’s what we thought.

Problem was, he moved into his new employment with Jet2 just before Covid hit. The tourism and travel industry virtually collapsed overnight. Nobody could have foreseen it, and of course, nobody had planned for it.

He spent the next 17 months on furlough, unable to do anything. So, at the start of his new ‘career’ he used the time profitably by studying for some business qualifications that would serve him in another vocation if the economic situation didn’t change.

I’m glad to say that the situation has indeed finally changed (as we all now know) and Mark has actually just started flying again. He also has some non-flying qualifications now, too. ‘Belt and braces’, as they say…

Mark’s trust in me didn’t happen overnight; it started over four decades ago when I joined the Army. Mark wasn’t even born yet!

We build trust by first honouring and adopting core values – honesty, integrity and work ethic in my case. These values build character and cement leadership skills. Other people learn to respect you, value your judgment and trust your decisions. It influences everything you do and what others think and believe about you. Trust is a brand.

That’s not to say that we can’t fall in love with a brand or product the first time we see it; we can become totally ‘sold’ on a service after using it for the first time. Some of us may not even be able to answer the ‘why’, but something made us listen when the brand said, “Choose us!”

Why do I prefer Mac over PC, for example? For what I do, many would say I really should use a PC, but I don’t.

What that comes down to is preference and experience. I prefer Macs because I’m used to them and because my experiences with them have been positive all the way, whereas my previous experience with PCs was littered with frustration. So, I’m now biased towards Macs. I readily accept that both have their ‘pros’, but I – perhaps stubbornly – prefer Macs.

Trust is based on experience: if a company/brand has delivered only positive experiences, then the trust level grows. This goes for both products and services — and, of course, the level of customer service experience.

Let’s get real. We’re more likely to recommend a product if the person who sold it to us was cheerful and helpful. Conversely, we’re likely to avoid a company entirely if we received poor customer service, regardless of the quality of the product or service!

Trust is hard to earn, and really easy (and quick) to lose.

It’s not our job to just give a company our trust, they have to earn it. They must answer the question: Why choose us?

For example, if I were trying to convince you to use Business Qualifications to help you improve your career or employment prospects, I’d say something like:

“We’ve helped scores of people from all walks of life and varied backgrounds improve their careers and employability by studying our qualification courses. From HR Managers to Workplace Assessors and from Wedding and Event Planners, to Dog Groomers. 

With more than 80 collective years of experience in education, management, leadership, manufacturing and HR, our professional tutors have masses of ‘hands on’ knowledge of multiple sectors and disciplines. 

Why Business Qualifications? Because your success is our business.”

In fact, I’ve used exactly that, or versions of it, for every promotion I’ve ever done.

I hope I’ve answered the ‘Why Choose Us’ question for you. I’ve been honest about what we’re about and the reasons we believe you should choose our service above all of our competitors. I’ve outlined what our biggest selling points are: over 80 years of experience, the industries we’ve helped, the courses we teach, and the core values myself and the team embrace – honesty, integrity and hard work.

This article isn’t trying to persuade you to trust me or my people right off the bat. It’s about inviting you to let us earn it.

Let’s work together to get you on the right track to your next career move or job opportunity.

We look forward to welcoming you as a learner with Business Qualifications, as we have hundreds before you. You won’t regret your choice.



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