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Have you ever searched around the internet for qualification courses in business subjects?

We did, back in 2014. We discovered that very few academic institutions provided much other than degree level study.Courses were expensive and took years to complete.

This was fine for “high-flyers” or professionals (with lots of money) already well established in business careers, but offered little to the “ordinary” employee or recent school leaver who just wanted to improve their career prospects and learn about leadership and management.

Even “admin” or office staff had little hope of realising any level of ambition, often relying on “dead men’s shoes” to open up opportunities within their employer’s business.

Some training providers listed basic business skills courses on their websites, but a glance through their prospectuses revealed that these were largely just “convenience” add-ons to their mainstream activities, often taught by non-specialists or generalists.

We decided to fill the “gap” and combined our own business and academic skills to provide specialist courses for aspiring business professionals at all levels. And so Business Qualifications was born. We’ve come a long way since.

Stephen Thompson, our Managing Director, has spent most of his professional life in management and leadership development. He completed a highly successful 20-year career in the British Army, moving into business consultancy as a civilian when he left.

You can learn more about Stephen and his business and commercial background here

He’s fulfilled senior leadership roles and board-level positions with a broad range of companies in several commercial sectors, including Director of Finance, Head of HR and General Manager for companies whose turnover ranged between £3 million and £120 million employing up to 250 staff. Today he’s also an “in-demand” CV Writer, Career Coach and Copywriter.

Stephen is the primary Tutor for our range of courses, all of which are priced very competitively, can be completed within weeks or months, and result in a worthwhile qualification. They can be studied online from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, in your own time, and can be worked in around your job, lifestyle and social life.


"I have thoroughly enjoyed my course. The materials were easy to follow, and my tutor was great at helping me when I needed it. Highly Recommended"

- Mark, London

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