• Article – Human Resources Management Courses

What are Human Resources? The clue is in the phrase itself – resources are a source of aid, help or support that may be drawn upon when needed, and of course humans are people.

So Human Resources are people who can be drawn upon or used for aid, support, or help when needed. As they are a source of such aid, support or help, it follows that to be used or sourced efficiently, they need to be managed.

Courses in Human Resources Management are about learning how to do that. Often referred to by the initials HR, courses typically focus on the management of people within an organisation. The courses are designed or intended to deliver to learners or students the skills and knowledge that lead to a successful career in this increasingly important area.

It’s been said that people are the most expensive resource in an organisation, and should therefore be treated as a valuable asset. Others have made the observation that in any successful organisation or enterprise, the business’s assets are being transported around between the ears of its staff.

Human Resources Management Courses deal with the core disciplines that underpin the effective use and direction of this incredibly diverse and valuable resource, including Employment Law (EL), economics, accounting, organisational psychology, ethics, and performance management.

The Level 4 Human Resources Management Course from Business Qualifications covers all these and more.