• Article – Level 3 Project Management

The exciting Level 3 Project Management course from Business Qualifications offers students the opportunity to understand the techniques and processes involved in managing projects.

This course not only benefits existing project managers, or those interested in becoming one, but has the potential to appeal to anyone involved in running or managing a business. For this reason, it is a key component of our Business Professional Series.

Business Qualifications’ Level 3 Project Management course covers a wide range of areas within the field of project management, including how to design, develop and deliver projects within your organisation. The skills acquired as a result of this course such as planning, management, and communication are highly transferable to a wide range of employment opportunities, giving graduates the potential to follow a variety of paths.

Course Overview

The objective of this foundation course is to give students an overall understanding of the mechanisms, techniques and processes commonly used to manage projects. Often considered a frightening concept, the course provides students with a solid knowledge base on which to build, either through further study or by moving into a career in project management.

While the subject itself is expansive, we have made the content as digestible as possible for students by breaking it down into separate sections. These not only consider the practicalities involved in project management, but also the fascinating history of the practice.

Other important aspects such as stakeholder and client relationships and financial matters are thoroughly addressed. Students are made of aware of all of the possible constraints and risks involved and are taught how to evaluate the success of a project.

In addition, this excellent Level 3 Project Management course provides students with hands on practical advice to take into the real world. Not only do you learn how to apply the eight key principles of Project Management the course gives you 12 easy-to-use planning tools and 20 ways to keep projects on track.

Alongside our FREE employment tools, such as expert advice and CV appraisal, you’ll be well on your way to managing your next project!