• Level 3 Management Studies


Management Studies comprise a range of learnable subjects widely used in the science and practice of management.

For many years it was a commonly held belief that management could not be taught; following the Second World War many considered that management (and its companion, leadership) were natural, even genetic, character traits.

In a nutshell, you were either born with the skills and attributes of a manager or leader, or you were destined to be a follower or common worker for the duration of your working life.

Thankfully, this “myth” has been dispelled in the intervening years. Management can indeed be learned, and you don’t need to know any secrets or practice any rites of passage to become a competent manager.

The leading UK distance learning provider, Business Qualifications, delivers a number of managements, leadership and technical business courses, including the very popular Level 3 Management Studies.

Level 3 Management Studies is an ideal introduction to management and provides all of the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to understand and practice everyday commercial management.

Once you’ve passed the Level 3 Management Studies course, you can take your newfound knowledge to your employer and get some hands-on practice by applying what you have learned.

With experience, and the diligent implementation of the tried and tested tools you’re taught to use, together with the applied reasoning that helps you make informed choices and good decisions, should help get you into a position of strength and authority that will lead to recognition and, ultimately, promotion to a management post.

Competent managers are much sought-after in any business, and in any sphere of traditional employment. For this reason, the Level 3 Management Studies course comes highly recommended. With diligent application of its many positive and proactive lessons, it can rightly be considered a management primer and the key to a successful career.

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