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    Course Overview

    “Probably the best career opportunity in the last 20 years”. This is how a leading employment consultancy described the marketplace for Wedding and Event Planners in the UK before Covid hit.


    Because there were more parties and events happening then than ever before. With the economy now starting to open up after the pandemic, the increasingly sophisticated public expect them to be more polished, better organised and more exciting. They want more “bang for their buck”.

    Weddings are seriously big business today; the industry itself is worth over £4 billion per year. Couples typically take around 250 hours to plan their dream day, and the average wedding in the UK costs between £15,000 and £20,000. More and more couples are turning to wedding planners to help them put together their dream day as people find they have less and less free time. Plus the geographical spread of families make it more difficult for “mum and dad” to take it on.

    Professional Wedding Planners have become very popular in the USA, and as with most things American, are finding their way across the “pond”. The time to get involved in this lucrative business is now, before it really takes off and competition becomes fierce.

    Want to get involved with planning weddings or managing events? If you’re a “Party Animal” and a good organiser who can keep their head while all around are losing theirs, then this course may be for you. If you love working with people and enjoy the adrenaline-rush of seeing a plan you’ve devised being successfully carried out, it could even set you up with a new career…

    Just imagine spending your days in smart hotels and business centres. You’ll mix with high-powered executives while you help organise their latest sales drive and conference. And you’ll give expert advice and instructions to the TV or sports celebrity you’ve booked to speak at their event.

    How would you feel about strolling gently through the grounds of an historic building in the sunshine suggesting a suitable spot for the marquee you’ve booked for next week’s society wedding? You look at your watch; just time to enjoy a freshly ground coffee in the venue restaurant with your client before heading back to the office. There you’ll make a few phone calls to check up on this weekend’s Golf Club Ball. You want to make sure they have enough canapés and waiters for the cocktail reception.

    Does this sound like fun? It certainly doesn’t sound much like work does it? Although the hectic life of a Wedding Planner and Events Manager can be stressful at times, it also has its perks. No boss looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re not surfing the net when you should be working on that production spreadsheet. No “clocking in” every morning and “clocking out” just to get a cup of coffee. And when the weather is fantastic outside, you can move your laptop into the garden to do your planning, and nobody is going to hassle you for it.

    There’s also the “buzz” you get from making your couple’s “big day” truly unforgettable; many wedding planners say they get as much out of that as they do from picking up the cheque.

    This exciting course is an excellent choice for someone who wants to plan their own special event or celebration, or that of a friend. It’s absolutely ideal if you want to pursue a new or second career in the sector.

    Planning wedding and events is certainly not for the faint-hearted, but it’s not difficult. It’s fantastic for seasoned or developing project managers. If you also have an entrepreneurial flair, it’s perfect. Our course teaches you how to coordinate complex projects and programmes without working for a large organisation and experience the “buzz” of successful delivery.

    The course covers large corporate events and conferences, as well as the smaller and more intimate celebrations. It also has a substantial section on Wedding Planning. You even carry out a complete “dry run” of a couple of typical projects in real time before you graduate. This, together with a series of practical assignments throughout the course, gives you the confidence to tackle the job “for real”.

    Show me the money . . . . .

    Maybe it’s time you took a “slice of the action”. There are more than 250,000 weddings planned each year in the UK. According to a poll in “You and Your Wedding” magazine, around 11% of brides interviewed would consider using a Wedding Planner. Today that’s growing exponentially, so there are at least 25,000 weddings for you to pick from!

    In today’s economy, companies need to proactively market and promote themselves. The best way to influence potential clients and investors is to get “face-to-face” with them. Conference planning, large-scale training seminars and corporate hospitality events are ideal vehicles for company growth.

    At the domestic end of the market, graduation celebrations, engagement parties, anniversaries and welcome home events give the Events Planner lots of business opportunities, limited only by your imagination.

    Entry-Level Course

    Our brand-new Wedding Planning and Events Management Course has been written by an experienced event coordinator who has been planning and running events for over 30 years. He tutors you personally for the duration of your course.

    Studying the course gives you a real insight into project management (which is a valuable skill in itself) as it applies to planning and delivering complex celebrations and corporate events. It provides you with the skills and knowledge to be able to effectively plan and coordinate a wide range of events and weddings.

    We live amongst an increasingly-diverse range of ethnic backgrounds in the UK, so there is even a section on planning weddings for some of the more popular cultures represented today, such as Jewish, Muslim and Hindu.

    Course Structure

    The course examines the various planning functions and considerations required to deliver a successful event or wedding through a number of Units dealing with the individual aspects peculiar to each, plus the many combined processes and skills that apply to both.

    Entry Requirements

    Perhaps surprisingly, the Wedding Planning and Events Management Course has no entry requirements, other than personal motivation, desire and a genuine interest in the subject matter. As long as you also have a good general standard of education, you will gain immense benefit from it, even if you are only studying the course to plan your own wedding or that of a friend.

    Course Materials

    One of the key benefits of studying with Business Qualifications is that, unlike other distance learning providers, we deliver the entire package of course materials in a single dispatch. This enables you to get a real feel for the overall structure and content of the course from the start and chart your progress much more effectively. The modular method of delivery favoured by other providers fragments the learning process and actively prevents you from moving faster through sections you’re are more confident with, or taking more time over the deeper concepts that need more thought and comprehension.

    Included within the course materials is access to a fully licensed copy of specialist planning software regarded as the “industry standard” for Wedding Planners and Events Managers. This superb planning tool will almost run your business for you. It’s designed to guide you through planning your event from start to finish, and you can record all aspects of finance and budget, contact details for clients, suppliers and venues, and much more. It will even generate a profit and loss account for each of your events, or your entire business if you want it to! The program normally retails at £94.99, but we’ve included it in the package FREE to give you the best possible start to your new business!
    Accredited at Level 4 by Focus Awards

    The course is accredited and endorsed by Focus Awards, an awarding body regulated by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) in England.
    No Final Exam…
    If the prospect of exams frightens the life out of you, there is even more good news. There is no final exam!

    The low price of the course includes dedicated tutor support, regular critique and feedback, and all assignments are marked by one of our professional tutors. You can even pay by instalments if funds are tight.

    What are you waiting for? Book your course today and start building up your knowledge and confidence to embark on this truly unique and rewarding career!

    To progress in your current job, to support new opportunities, or even set up your own business, the career prospects are only limited by your imagination and diligence. All of our courses will help you in your endeavours to improve your professional life.

    On successful completion of your studies, you receive two certificates as proof of study and development:

    • Certificate of Achievement from the Awarding Body (Focus Awards)
    • Certificate of Completion from Business Qualifications.

    Focus Awards is regulated as an Awarding Organisation by Ofqual, the UK government’s qualification regulator for England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

    Non-regulated qualifications endorsed under the FQP Scheme are ideal for professionals who need to demonstrate commitment to CPD (Continuing Professional Development), and for those wanting to gain specialist knowledge of a particular subject.

    RQF Qualifications are nationally recognised, so applicable to any relevant employment.


    Who is this course for?

    Anyone with a reasonable standard of general education will be able to cope with the academic demands.

    If you can read and write well enough to complete a job application and have a good grasp of basic maths (add, subtract and divide) you should have no problems.

    The learning materials are written in simple everyday language, and you complete the answers to your assignments in the same style. In addition to the comprehensive learning materials, you also receive a Study Guide to help you, and your Tutor provides support throughout.

    What will I cover?

    Your course covers the areas of study listed above through detailed exploration of the subject matter. You also receive tasks to complete and prompts to carry out further personal exploration and research, enabling you to monitor your own progress and gauge how much you have learned.

    Plenty of examples contained within the materials help you but using your initiative and carrying out personal research helps you gain a more complete understanding. In turn, this helps you answer the assignment questions more fully and speeds your progress.

    Is the course accredited?

    We run two types of courses:

    1. Courses on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) are nationally recognised and accredited by Focus Awards, a leading UK Awarding Organisation.
    2. Professional development courses are endorsed by Focus Awards under their FQP (Focus on Quality Provision) Scheme. They are non-regulated qualifications endorsed by Focus Awards under the FQP scheme.

    These are ideal for CPD requirements for professionals needing to maintain their status with membership bodies, for learning information about special interest subjects or for research. Your work is not graded; assignments are simply identified as Pass, Fail or Referred.

    What will my studies prepare me for?

    The learning materials and accompanying tasks help you develop the necessary knowledge and confidence to successfully complete the tutor marked assignments.

    The tasks encourage you to apply your knowledge and help you to develop relevant research and academic writing skills.

    If I fail an assignment, can I retake it?

    Yes. Your Tutor will ask you to resubmit your assignment and give you some pointers as to where you could improve.

    How do I send in my work?

    You email or upload your assignments through your secure portal one at a time for marking.

    Your tutor then assesses the standard and style of your work for each section, and gives you feedback to use on your next assignment, facilitating the process of continuous improvement.

    On obtaining feedback and commentary from your Tutor you will either move on to the next assignment or review and rework the one you submitted.

    What do I receive once I enrol?

    You receive login details to our Online Student Community, usually within a few minutes of enrolment. Once logged in you can access your course materials, contact your tutor, submit your work, and interact with other learners via the online forums.

    Is there a time limit or any deadlines?

    Your studies should be completed within 12 months, but this timeline can be extended for a small fee if your tutor supports your request. As a rough guide, depending on your circumstances and commitment, you can complete your studies in about 100 study hours. There are no other deadlines to meet.

    Is there a word count for my assignments?

    Although a word count is not given for the tutor marked assignments, it is important that you demonstrate to your Tutor that you have fully understood the questions; a comprehensive Study Guide is included with your materials. Many students start slowly at first, but your Tutor will give guidance to help and encourage you to improve.

    Do I need a computer to complete my studies?

    You need to use email and the internet to access your materials, submit assignments and conduct research. A computer or laptop is ideal for this, but you can also use a smartphone or tablet if more convenient.

    Are the learning materials paper-based or online?

    All the learning materials are online. You receive a login to the online student community when you enrol, where you can access the full set of materials and assessment tasks for your course.


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