• Article – Online Employment Law Courses

Employment Law (or EL) provides essential protection to employers and employees engaged in any commercial enterprise.

In the UK, companies are required to adhere to various Acts of Parliament that prescribe the rights and responsibilities of both parties in carrying out their activities.

Breaches of any part of these Acts can result in prosecution, loss of business and commercial credibility, and in extreme cases, loss of life. Health and Safety legislation, an essential part of Employment Law, aims to ensure that the latter doesn’t occur.

Online Employment Law Courses are available from a number of academic institutions (including colleges and universities) and distance learning providers such as Business Qualifications.

Business Qualifications enables students or learners to study the essentials of Employment Law through a dedicated online delivery system from the comfort of their own home, in their own time, and at their own pace. All the learner needs is an internet connection, a suitable device (such as smart phone, tablet/iPad, or laptop), and access to the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

The online Employment Law Courses from Business Qualifications are flexible, affordable, and accessible. They give learners an inexpensive route into this fascinating subject, and add valuable knowledge that can be taken to any employer in the future.